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Name & Logo
Avantha Chair



"To become one of the most admired Indian transnational business houses by 2015."

By 2015, our Group will be recognised and admired in the world community. We will set benchmarks and be the gold standard in every business we operate in.

We will be a Group that combines the best of the old and the new: respect for people and relationships, integrity, our pioneering spirit and performance orientation.

In our businesses, we will:

  aggressively seek opportunities for profitable growth and creation of long term
investment value
be a leader in the domestic market
establish a significant global footprint
use technology as an asset and to our advantage

We will be admired for our people orientation: strong relationships with our employees and business partners, and a preferred employer status for our work culture, respect for people and learning opportunities.

We will be respected for being a good corporate citizen by adhering to best governance practices, and fulfilling our responsibility to society by engaging positively with our communities.