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Sabah Forest Industries Sdn. Bhd. manages nearly 300,000 hectares of forests, which includes a large tract of industrial plantation. A team of international plant geneticists, entomologists, plant pathologists and soil scientists is in a constant quest to improve yields through development of better breeds and research into silviculture and tree nutrition.

Reduced impact logging techniques used in the sustainable management of natural forests protect the soil and saplings, thus ensuring natural regeneration. Biodiversity-rich areas are demarcated as protected forests and left untouched. Critical water catchment areas are set aside for clean freshwater supply.

Nothing is wasted. Trimmings and waste are used for pulping. Fine saw dust, barks and wood fragments are used to produce steam for generating power. The company has achieved a recovery rate of 96% for each cubic metre of log delivered to the mills. This translates into near zero wastage of resources.

Micromanagement of the entire process ensures continuous production of wood-based products, with concomitant social and ecological benefits.