Avantha Group

Ballarpur Industries

India’s largest writing & printing paper company
Seven manufacturing plants in India & Malaysia

Crompton Greaves Limited

Manufacturing base in India, Belgium, Ireland, Canada, USA,
Indonesia & Hungary

140 sales offices worldwide

The Global Green Company

Customer base in 50 countries

Sourcing base in India, Belgium, Hungary,
the Netherlands, Turkey & Germany

Solaris ChemTech

India’s largest manufacturer of
bromine and bromine chemicals

Avantha Power & Infrastructure

Salient Business Solutions

End-to-end mortgage service provider
Complete range of telecom expense management services

Avantha Technologies

Software manpower resource provider
Engineering solution practice (ESP) provider

"India's paper sector is likely to see a turnaround this quarter following estimates of increasing profitability".
Business Standard 2014

"What got them (companies like CG) to take the leap (CERN) was the chance to impress the world in a virgin field and the nod of approbation they ultimately received vindicated their punt."- ( on Avantha Group company CG).
Fortune Magazine, 2014

"The achievement (of CG) appears even more momentous if you consider the general sloth around innovation in the Indian market."- ( on Avantha Group company CG).
Fortune Magazine, 2014

"CG picked up two critical skills from this (CERN) experience. Miniaturisation...and cryogenics.....But perhaps the most remarkable thread running around them is a nationalistic agenda."- ( on Avantha Group company CG).
Fortune Magazine, 2014

"Fly ash bricks can save the earth."
(on Avantha group company BILTECH),
Fortune Magazine, 2013

"Demand for AAC bricks - expected to go up."
(on Avantha group company BILTECH)
Fortune Magazine, 2013

Gautam Thapar, chairman & CEO of the Avantha Group announced a cultural blueprint for the organisation, labeled 'The Avantha Way.' The vision was created by an initial group of 16 senior leaders, drawn from across the group companies, which was later expanded to 30. Now the group is 'actualising' the vision down the line,
The Economic Times, 2012

Given the global shortage of pulp-wood for paper board production, Ballarpur Industries [is] helping small farmers with degraded land pockets by providing them saplings, financial and technical support and an assured buy back of timber; this ensures sustainable raw material supply for the company, but also improves farmer’s livelihood. Such initiatives go well beyond monetary financial donations, and more importantly, is sustainable!
The Hindu Business Line, 2012

An organisation that transcends all boundaries and is very concerned about its people and does not put a denomination on them.
Financial Express, 2011

Power equipment major Crompton Greaves (CG) has set up a new transformer manufacturing facility at Washington as the $4 billion (Rs 18,400 crore) Gautam Thapar-led Avantha Group steps on the pedal with its go-global drive launched five years ago.
Hindustan Times, 28th June 2010

An Indian conglomerate has committed to spending $20 million over the next five years at the University at Albany's College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering.

The company -- Avantha Group -- is setting up what's being called the CG Power Center for Intelligent Power. CG Power is an Avantha subsidiary that specializes in manufacturing equipment for electric utilities
TimesUnion.com, 26th June, 2010

Avantha charts a course for its rivals to follow.
The Economist, 8th April 2010

The paper-to-power conglomerate fashioned from the erstwhile Thapar Group aims to more than double its revenues in the next three years.
Hindustan Times, 18th January 2010

Things happen fast at Avantha; the dither quotient is very low.
Business India, 2009

Avantha has been expanding overseas. It operates in ten countries, employing 20,000 people, of which 4,500 are outside India.
Forbes, 2008

From among all the enterprises trying to get from ‘good to great’, we believe Avantha will be one that completes the journey.
Business World, 2008

» Ballarpur Industries Limited BILT)
   - BILT Graphic Paper Products Limited
   - Sabah Forest Industries Sdn. Bhd.
   - BILT Tree Tech Limited

» The Global Green Company Limited
   - Intergarden N.V.
   - Puszta Konzerv Kft.

» Solaris ChemTech Industries Limited

» Crompton Greaves Limited

» Avantha Power & Infrastructure Limited

» Biltech Building Elements Limited

» Salient Business Solutions Limited
» Pyramid Healthcare Solutions

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